How You Can Travel Without Fear Of Unknown.

Fear of Unknown is an inner phenomenon that could appear at the moment of travel departure into unknown territory. It is a paralyzing factor that impedes confidence required to live your heart’s desire. It is not a phobia, which has a distinct face to be identified directly.

The invisible tentacles of fear of new experiences could penetrate our every decision making process and if unchecked, run the entirety of our life potential underground for sake of perceived safety. If unexamined, it occupies an important seat at the executive board of our life, directing our choices through the magic wand of illusory presentation.

It could dispense its influence in silence, until we come to the place of disruption, like travel departure into unknown territory. At this junction we might have a clear encounter to bring to light and overcome fear of uncertainty.

Before moving onto steps to dissolve fear of unknown, it is important to understand what is it, how it appears and operates in one’s life. 

If we look at the sensation of fear without engagement, it becomes clear that it is an emotional response to a concept devoid of factual information. It is a subconscious response to a perceived threat of loosing control. 


It could have originated from early childhood experiences when we were open and vulnerable in a situation that ended up frightening or traumatic. If it was left untreated by love and affection that would otherwise empower us to feel victorious, it will create a marker for creating an automatic response. It will fuse brain circuitry in a particular pattern that would project similar meaning upon all dramatically new situations. Also it could have been passed through intergenerational coding of the memories.

It is a negative visualization that turns on automatically as an act of protection. The bad part about it is that when unaware, under the guise of seemingly good intention this automatic brain circuitry completely sabotages our chances at expression of heart’s desire and taking risks on our unique path of fulfillment of life’s ideal vision. It may not be surprising that fear of unknown is intricately linked to safeguarding of individual’s comfort zone.

Without knowing that fear of unknown is operational within our own scheme of reality it will become quite challenging for to go on unprecedented adventure for us. Even when we begin to study upon the places we would like to travel, fear of unknown will most likely divert our attention to negative images and stories that fit the meaning which gives rise to the subconsciously operating response through the process similar to Cyberchondria. Research was done at Baylor University on Intolerance of Uncertainty in which the conclusion was drawn that the more research was conduced on topic of medical conditions, the more health anxiety it generated.

Steps To Overcome Fear Of Unknown.

  1. Fear is essentially our awareness lost in elaborate negative imagination. To counter it, bring your awareness into the present moment through body scanning, mindfulness of movement and a focus on the breathing.
  2. Chronic habit of unchecked negative visualization has a creative sequential response component - escape. What needs to happen is a gradual reversal. We need to face and gradually build tolerance towards activating situations by engaging a small task that has lesser perceived risk.
  3. The habit of negative fantasy appears very real in our sensorial experience and hacks our freedom to choose. It limits us to avoid choices that seem threatening and our typical response is to avoid these type of situations. In practice of overcoming fear of unknown we need to begin consciously open up to the situation, learn about components of the situation and choose to go into situation.
  4. Begin taking reversal action steps beginning with small scale, gradually increase the intensity to achieve greater skill. When exposing fear of unknown is practiced, it induces  a new level of mastery over the choice of one’s thinking and increases self-confidence leading to a greater sense of freedom.

Rewiring The Brain For Freedom From Fear.

How we label a situation, what kind of a meaning we attach to the situation determines how we feel about it and how we act. By choosing the meaning to our experiences we “create” it in our field of awareness out of the totality. Inherently, there’s no meaning to any experience, we give it and thus empower it with our belief and emotion.

It is important to understand that based on knowing of who you are, the thoughts that induce the meaning for fear to show up is not who you are. You are an awareness itself, like a sky upon which the clouds of thoughts show up. We can clear them up through these steps.

Using visualization technique you can engage creating new patterns of response to the situation that triggers fear of unknown to arise. You can begin minimizing the grip of old patterns by writing down your imagined positive new behavior responses to the situation that was frightening.

Applying positive self-talk can also support reversing automatic response to activating situations to avail more clarity when choosing your thoughts.

Neuroscientists describe that by directing your response to the old situation with a new action or a reframing thought, you create a new neuronal connection in your brain.

What it means is that by holding your attention in the present, realistically embodying the situation instead of escaping into a theater of your imagination, you create new habit of courageously facing life as it happens.

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