Departing From Emotional Attachments.

Developing clarity of emotional attachments and leaving them is a fundamental promise of therapeutic travel. It is like a method used by a mural painter working out details of a large picture. To do so painter goes far away from the surface where he applies medium with a brush in order to see a whole painting from afar to evaluate if the elements need adjustments. 
Journey departure has a great opportunity for transformation and personal evolution. Use travel as therapeutic detachment from old habits, as a platform for self-awareness, well-being and spiritual growth.

When using travel for personal meaning and discovery, point of departure becomes very important stage of travel process. There is a possibility to "sort out baggage", acknowledge psychological attachments and leave those that impede inner growth and deep experience of genuine freedom. 

In order to experience life differently, more fulfilled and meaningful we have to change. It is impossible to have different quality of experience without changing one's perception. What you think you are is a collection of perceptions beliefs and assumptions about yourself, others and the world.

Very often those beliefs are not accurate and they consume a lot of energy from us in order to be maintained. They are the limitations we unconsciously place on life without verifying their validity. They become emotional attachments because they appear valid in our conclusions about our relationship with the universe. They become a part of who you think you are — your identity. But identity is not what you are.

If you begin to search for it anywhere within your experience, you will come to realize that there no separate "I" to be found, only a collection of concepts, sensations, memories and fantasies that are not really present in the moment of search.

Leaving the past and habitual patterns is essential for personal growth and inner development, which is a basis of any transformation. It is a natural process of the life itself — everything is in a state of continuous change -science verifies it through the law of entropy. 
Some say that you can never catch a fish from the same river, because it is always changes with motion. 
Depending on readiness, some people can sort out emotional attachments and experience transformation instantly, though for others it may take a process of discovery.

Journey departure could represent an opportunity for detachment, to gain perspective and leave the past way of being in exchange for freedom from  weight of spiritual baggage of a fixed identity. Leaving emotional attachments at departure has an implied meaning of a new beginning and complete presence to the joy of travel experience, its diverse learning and freedom of being in the present moment. 

If you choose to use therapeutic journey departure as a mean of experiment with spiritual baggage of your life, then on the trip you can begin to see distance between your immediate experience and habits of old identity. In might be experienced as a sudden "aha" moment, or as distinct sense of breaking free

Use a metaphor of journey, its physical reality of leaving remnants of your life behind to interrupt your old habits of relating to yourself and the world. Attempt to coincide shifts of physical environment around you with release of emotional attachments within you. 
Imagine to go on a journey as awareness only, frequently bringing yourself to the ground of your presence — checking in with your body sensations: what are you looking at exactly, what are you stepping or sitting on, how is the air temperature or what do you hear in the moment. 

Whenever you have a chance of not doing anything that requires your absolute attention, learn to relax without needing distraction of entertainment. 
Train to relax your mind. Mind heals itself in the moments of deep relaxation. 

Positive Psychological Changes from Meditation Training

Practicing meditation has a very subtle way of releasing emotional attachments, as it avails your awareness to experience openness of space free from conceptual relationship with everything considered as "I" or "mine" or "it".

If strong emotions arise, it is good not to suppress them but allow them "ride through" and look underneath for the mental conclusions that support limiting beliefs and judgments about yourself, your situation and others. 
Apply the cure of self-forgiveness and loving to the place where emotional attachments hurt.

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