Compassionate Self-Forgiveness - Energetic Release of Your Life.

Compassionate Self-Forgiveness is a way to break from limiting bondage that we hold ourselves in due to judgment or limited perception of reality. It is a powerful healing process that is based on application of love and compassion for oneself.

At the core of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness is the action of awareness that recognizes that our human experience is a learning process and we sometimes act short of our aspirations. It gives us an insight into an essence of who we are independent of our thoughts, feelings and behavior. 

Healing application of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness provides restoration to fullness and freedom lost due to separation and pain caused by judgment. Judgment is a thought form cast upon the flow of your essence, a perpetual movement of experience. 

Judgment restricts our heart-felt expression of life purpose and growth into full expression of your soul. It makes concrete the definition we place upon ourselves as evaluation based on our view of experience.

Left unforgiven, a judgment becomes a part of your belief system. When it is a belief, it will guide your unconscious choices to manifest itself into reality. The judgment will serve as a restriction on the whole potentiality of your experience. 

Once implemented, it becomes a pattern that perpetuates itself through behavior. Then you observe results and judge and evaluate results in the same way that proves your judgment correct. This way you established a self-perpetuating cycle that unconsciously keeps you stuck.

  • Self-Forgiveness balances inner disturbance through action of giving loving to your self.
  • It frees the flow of energy from limitation placed on yourself through self-condemnation.
  • Practice of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness helps establish a positive awareness of the moments when judgment is present.
  • Through application of Self-Forgiveness clearing the past is possible and integration of scattered energies of the mind into the moment of now is available. It is possible to experience wholeness again.


  • Find a quiet place where you can remain safe alone and undisturbed. Relax, close your eyes and sit quietly, slowly bringing your focus into your into your heart.
  • Bring up the situation that caused you to experience pain or separation. Allow yourself to experience and express the feelings, make it okay not to hold them back.
  • As you explore the situation, pay attention to judgments you placed against yourself and others regarding this situation. Remind yourself that you are not your feelings, thoughts or behaviors, and you are lovable and worthy being apart from any of those expressions. The intention here is dis-identify with results and identify with who you truly are.
  • Allow yourself to engage in the process of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness.
  • In your mind's eye. Bring up the picture of an object, animal or a person that inspires a natural feeling of loving and affection. It could be a picture of a tranquil sunset, a baby, an affectionate pet or a person that evokes the feelings of love. Search your memory until you feel the loving response within you.
  • While holding the image, concentrate on arising feelings, letting them flood in. Notice the loving energy of the feeling and allow yourself to let them permeate your experience.
  • Imagine that in your heart, there is a glowing source of white light. As you hold your attention, imagine this light spreads throughout filling your body, spreading down to your body and up to the top of your head. Feel the qualities of warmth and loving acceptance of this light. Continue to experience the loving and from this place, share the loving with yourself through Compassionate Self-Forgiveness.
  • Express your self-forgiveness out loud so all parts of you would hear it. It is good to say it from the heart so that your whole universe would hear it (you can invoke your spiritual tradition).
  • Use an example here and replace the judgments with ones that are present. "I forgive myself for judging myself as unworthy". Make sure you use the word as, thus communicating to your consciousness that it is only your perception. It is very important to experience completion in this process, and a sign for it usually is a positive shift in energy — it feels lighter.
  • Close the process of energetic release with self-acknowledgment and appreciation for willingness to work the process and free yourself.