How To Engage Co-Creation Process.

CO-CREATION PROCESS implies embracing positive influences and assistance of all beings in your universe as your partner. It is distinguished form ego driven creation. Co-creation acknowledges and welcomes all positive intentions and influences of others as your partner in your life and your task. Co-creating alludes to aligning with your authentic nature, being open to your inner wisdom guidance and following it wholeheartedly.

"I have come to realize that if I follow my dreams and intuition, and follow what has heart and meaning, it always works out". 
Carol Adrienne

Co-creation process implies a deliberate clarification and shifting our focus toward unfolding life purpose and following our heartfelt dreams. This process provides for experiencing upfiftment and fulfillment available through recognizing and aligning with expanding life purpose and moving forward in manifesting your heartfelt dreams. 

As a traveler with intention of nurturing your soul, you might be in a time of your life journey when you were asking yourself questions clarifying your life's purpose, your genuine satisfaction and what would make you feel completely fulfilled and happy. 

Solo travel is a perfect set up for going for fundamental answers: you are removed from daily distraction of a routine tasks, you have a better chance of solitude — a deeper connection to your spirit. As you travel away from a set up of your familiar life, you might be getting inspiration, an insight or desire come to the surface of your awareness. It could be a subtle form of an answer you were seeking.

Co-creation process starts from inspiration — your heart's desire. What is it that you would like to experience more in your life? How would you like to live your life? Sometimes suffering comes in as an indicator of what we don't want in our lives. Perhaps in the beginning of our awakening to our life purpose, we operate in a mode of reaction to suffering — it is a beginning stage to our fine-tunning to the way our essence, our spirit communicates with our conscious mind — through feelings and intuition. There is no better way of knowing what is good for us by first experiencing of what is not.

As you continue to pay attention to your feelings and intuition, you will begin to recognize a more consistent flow of signs pointing to your life purpose. It is not chosen for you, it is chosen by you — your spirit, soul. Yet your ego, your conscious mind that is a subject of too many influences that reflect your conditioning, sometimes resists to recognize.

Life purpose is an unfolding process that is aligned with desire. I would note that it is not a desire for owning more stuff. Even though life purpose could imply a lifestyle which includes more stuff in it. But the focus of desire is not in wanting, it is in experiencing more life. 

As you inquire about life, you realize that life is a constant exchange — therefore to experience more life, you exchange more. You give more of something, to receive more. If you look deeper behind material satiety, you will begin to notice that life purpose will point, perhaps subtly to something that you would like to do, create, discover, bring to existence or arrange in a new way for the benefit of many, many others.

If you find yourself believing that your life purpose is in consuming wealth, luxury and great many material things, you may begin to notice that satisfaction is very elusive in your life. You manage your universe to manifest more of experience of not having in order to perpetuate your state of wanting. 

You even might be having everything, but still feel that it is not what you want, you feel bored and your spirit is stagnant. You will eventually have to switch from mentality "to get" to mentality "to give". Once you get clear, you will notice that whole life is for "giving" and "receiving" follows.

Co-creation process involves your active participation — your inner alignment with your positive intention to co-create what you want.  Awareness of your purpose becomes a profound reference point supporting you in remembering and following through on your intentions by consistently taking constructive action in harmony with your purpose and goals. 

Begin your co-creation process by writing your inspirations down. By writing them down you rise your consciousness, you bring your desire into focus and begin to shape it into form . Take time and describe in details how you would like to experience your life. Write it in a present tense with as many details as you can possibly infuse. 

You can start by focusing on a "day in your life" and then expand it on a larger perspective of your career, business, health, possessions, relationships, hobbies and service. Infuse your Life Vision with a language of gratitude and enthusiasm. It is important that you stay emotionally connected to what you are describing, otherwise you will not believe it.

Next step in co-creation process is to become congruent with your clear intention to bring this vision to manifestation. Intention means a determination to act in a particular way. Having clear intentions supports you in directing your focus (aligned with your vision) to what is important to you.

What most likely will show up next is the question "how?" Don't try to get an answer from your conscious mind; it is like a librarian that will go to look for a file in an archive of your previous experiences to bring you an answer that is "workable".

It is your perception, conditioned by previous experiences, memories and opinions of others. It is a "frame" taken out of the flow of entirety of your previous existence. It only exists in the conditioned mind. If there were an answer, you would already be using that information. 

The answer will come from outside of your current awareness. Your intention will draw all necessary elements into your life to support manifestation of your decision: you'll meet certain people, you'll come across different ideas and you might even acquire different skills. You'll get a "hint" in your dream or co-incidentally come across a symbol that would hold an answer to your next step.

Perhaps first step will be very small and seemingly unrelated. Having faith is a part of co-creation process. First step reveals the next, the same as when you need to cross a flight of stairs: you take the first step, then push your body higher to take the next, eventually coming up the whole flight of stairs.

Remember: several small action steps accomplish a big shift. Accomplishing small doable steps create momentum that generates quantum movement and transformation on a physical plane.

Sometimes co-creation process will call on you to surrender the illusion of control and move into a flow with your spirit: you will be guided to do something that you never done before and you will listen to your intuition. 

In co-creation process you will be asked to surrender your judgments and confront your inner resistance to change. Very often that manifests as self-sabotaging behavior. To get where you life purpose leads you, will require you to become a different person — a better, more authentic version of you.

To demonstrate your commitment to co-creation process you may be experiencing interference in your environment and your relationships. Your intention of what to become will call on your to free your invested energies from things in your environment that are not aligned with the direction of co-creation process. 

You may also begin experience dissonance in relationships that are not in alignment with your life purpose. Keep your focus forward, don't look back like Lot's wife in Biblical metaphor of Sodom and Gomorra; she was attached to her past, memory of life she was told to leave behind. She didn't follow the divine imperative and looked back, and in that instant was turned into a salt milestone.

There is a legend about Jesus of Nazareth conveying a similar divine principle of surrender to higher purpose; one of the disciple was asking for permission to go and burry his dead father, to what Jesus replied — " follow me and let the dead ones burry their dead". You might be called to be daring to leave the comfort zone and risk leaving where we are to get where we want to go. 

Co-creation process invokes the use of loving self-discipline.
Take care of yourself first .

  • Become aware of what distracts you and dissipates your precious life energy.
  • Recognize what takes you away from purpose, intention and goals.
  • Your actions have to be congruent with your beliefs.
  • Remove things that don't represent your vision.
  • Follow your decisions all the way to the end.
  • Become open to learning new things.
  • Make your desire greater than the fear opposing it.

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