Advantage of Being Alone.

Being alone is not the same as loneliness. It is rather an intermediary phase with a potential for a retreat with a purpose of concentration. How to be alone, without subconsciously avoiding contact with other human beings? It requires courage to accept oneself, as it is a positive sign of self knowledge.

To prefer being alone most of the time without clarity of purpose, could indicate imbalance pointing to unexamined beliefs about oneself and others. While aloneness sought consciously as a step of the process of self reflection is highly effective, avoiding contact with others without clear purpose of self-inquiry is counterproductive and it will only serve to perpetuate egoic structure of separateness.

To go deeper into interior of your soul requires shielding oneself from distractions of modern life — it's images, sounds and references. Solitude is a spiritual treatment where silence is used as a practice. This is often used as a part of Soul-Centered therapy, when in a silent attention, one may discover and relax into profound awareness of personal life purpose.

It is very helpful when you experience emotional burnout or excessive stress rooted in high demands of performance we exchange for particular lifestyle. Often we are looking forward to that once a year vacation to use as a popular remedy. Unfortunately most of the time we just temporarily switch the background of our life without really addressing the need to nurture our soul with intention.

Among things to do alone, exploration and travel are great ways to nurture your soul and increase awareness. There are many ways you can experience being alone and benefit from heightened self-awareness, deepened sense of peace and mindfulness that often will result. Walking alone is rich with not so obvious upfront consequences.

  • There are numerous places that offer equipped facilities for personal retreat experience. It is usually located in a peaceful setting, removed from immediate access of the urban population. There are guided as well as solitary retreats, and it is possible to choose one based on the need level.
  • You can take a weekend getaway as means to remove yourself from the enmeshment of your life, to renew and recharge your emotional energy. And gain a detached perspective on meaning, direction and value of your creativity.
  • Going for a road trip alone has a wonderful possibility to increase self-awareness and insight into own life. Going for a road trip alone could be very stimulating. The process itself creates a mental cocoon where a necessity to be focused on the road combined with operating a car keeps the mind in the present moment. That helps mind to relax from grasping to a habit of incessant thinking and give rise to a spontaneous sense of freedom.
  • When you can't take a much longer absence from home or work, there are
    things to do alone right where you live. Take yourself on a day trip around where you spend most of your time. Being alone at the museum will give you a greater chance to nurture your creative part with inspiration and insight.
  • Going alone in the wilderness was used as a method to go on a vision quest by many spiritual seekers and individuals. Major spiritual movements were started after individuals who realized greater dimensions of consciousness from spending time alone in the wilderness. Being alone in he wild offers a possibility of unique experience of pure presence, beyond conceptual structure that mistakenly perceived as reality.
  • Solo vacations naturally provide the opportunity for the practice of silence.  I find the richness of this practice available even more and is among favorite things to do alone while traveling in a foreign country which language I don't understand.

    Being alone lets you explore the depths of your universe. In the silence you can investigate the quality of relationship you have with yourself. That relationship is a prototype for your relationships with the world and others.

    Things To Do Alone To Nurture Your Soul

    Traveling solo has a therapeutic potential as it gives the real possibility to begin investigation of a source of your dissatisfaction, negative emotions and results in general. There are many people that are afraid to even acknowledge their own suffering and difficult feelings that are guarded inside. They continue to live as if they are not there. Thus fostering a deep disconnect within that leads to feeling empty. 

    Traveling alone offers a golden opportunity to connect to feelings inside. Understanding this and setting clear intentions for being alone, one truly has a chance to re-generate their wholeness on many levels. Being properly prepared for departure will give you a potential for holistic travel experience. This inner transformation, personal enrichment is the key value for the nurtured soul.

    We might mistakenly learn to associate loneliness with being alone. It might happen after certain life events. Often we might be afflicted with bouts of loneliness after graduation from school or college, after divorce or breakup or when our children grow up and leave home. 

    Experiences of being alone are inevitable as long as we live, as there is no relationship or state of affairs that is permanent. Therefore instead of avoiding aloneness as something terrifying, act courageously to embrace it and use it for positive self-nurtutring.

    As you embark on the journey to experience intimacy of aloneness, it is wise to continue to maintain the level of authenticity and recognize the delusion of permanence. For any traveler it is important to be prepared for possibility of dying alone. To understand the process of form dissolution and what death represents, one needs to accept the fact that it is guaranteed to happen. 

    It might happen when we are on the road or amidst others, but it will. Being prepared to die will add joy, gratitude and power to be fully present in your life. Denying reality of one's death will only continue to keep it shrouded in fear robbing you of freedom to fully explore and enjoy true value of this lifetime.

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