Create Authentic Trip with Internal Awareness.

Creation of authentic trip begins its expression from within. And in a context of soul therapy, a trip is an outer reflection of the inner experience. Quite often we tend to focus on the exterior events that take place around us while we participate in adventure of travel. But what actually forms our perception of our journey is how we feel while we are experiencing a new city, country or a trek through an amazing landscape.

We can create an authentic trip by opening ourselves to be fully present to our inner experience. Allowing ourselves to be present by accepting ourselves as wholly as possible creates healing travel experience. It implies freedom itself — freedom from limiting beliefs and perceptions that cause unhappiness and resistance, and rob us of development into a full potential of our life's expression. 

This is the reason that solo vacations present a valuable opportunity to create a transformative authentic trip. It could be an invigorating trip of mindful balance of outer events reflected within, thus making your journey as unique as you are

Travel authentically whether it is solo or with a company that affords you moments of silent contemplation and genuine expression is like entering a meditation session. In its effect it helps to drop off superficial habits of perception. Your mind, freed from mundane preoccupations of daily life may begin to receive messages of profound personal or spiritual meaning recognized in spontaneously appearing symbols along the path of travel — travel tantra.

It is the end of sleepwalking, as the familiar environment providing predictability for inducing mental inertia is not present. It is more difficult to get attached to an environment which is changing apace with the progress of travel itinerary. 

You are not staying long enough to internalize it and make it a conceptual part of "me". Therefore here is an opportunity to experience more embodying life right "then" and "there". This opportunity is easier to see during individual travel as it brings us closer to the frontline of what is happening and helps us to pierce through mental clutter of conceptual living. 

As you proceed deeper into authentic trip, at some time you may begin to have feelings of pointlessness, loneliness, boredom or mild depression. What it is, is your mind deprived of a habitual feed-cycle is about to render an insight. It is like mind is switching a "gear" — an awareness shift experienced as expanded perspective. It could be even felt that your brain is doing some "stretching".

  • Allow yourself to observe your experience. Allow some space for your awareness to expand from being on a surface of purely physical plane to invade invisible realm of thoughts and emotions. 
    Notice how you respond to different situations and interactions with the outside world. Make a pact of unconditional acceptance with yourself to have it all available for your observation: your yearning for perfection, ideal relationship, safety and love. 
    Allow equally: inclinations to take things personally, both positive and negative projections, unexamined conditions for self-regard — all come on the stage of awareness. Embrace it all as a neutral observer and it will give unpredictable quality of richness to authentic trip experience.
  • Realize as much as possible that the world is your image of the world. We create your world by believing what our eyes see. And we often see only what we believe. We have only thoughts that are in harmony with our beliefs. 
    We "build" our world through conceptual constructs of what we inclined to believe. Our mind can only observe "what is", though we experience our world through emotions associated with concepts.

  • Transform yourself and enrich your authentic trip if traveling solo by visualizing your ideal companion. I recommend to write those qualities down using descriptive language in the present tense. The qualities you assign to your ideal companion are the hidden qualities that you have, but not yet manifested fully perhaps. 
    Take a special time on your trip and imagine this person embodying those qualities in your mind, thus bringing those qualities within your person. This is a good practice when you are traveling alone, as you have a better chance to concentrate.
  • Bring along spiritual technology methods which support your spiritual journey, or find one that resonates with you. Avoid making it into To Do list or another unexamined daily routine of sorts. 
    Look at it as a way to experience spiritual reality, as a part of a broader base to operate from within realms of reason and sense perceptions. Make it as part of your life as breathing and walking for example, yet both of those could be elements of meditative practices.
  • Communicate your authentic experience. Use supportive gear and methods to record and review your unique adventure to continue inspire and develop yourself and to share value with others. Your offer of sharing in experience is a source of love to the world. In your realization and learning you will bring a message of light to all that you touch.

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