If After Travel Adjustment
Brings You Down.

We all encounter after travel adjustment to some degree. Some of us feel a mild displeasure with having to deal with mundane necessities of living. Some of us might feel a much pronounced feelings of being out of place, not belonging, and feeling meaninglessness of predictable living appearing to us like a trap.

Sometimes at the end of our travels, our expectations of eventuality of return will appear like dreadful windows to the world. Unattended, these emotions could escalate and depress our spirits. 
It is important to decide to wholeheartedly engage with new reality that will dawn at you at the end of your travels. Face after travel adjustment with a plan. Here is what to do when returning from travel. Depending on the length of the journey choose what is the most useful to you.

  • Unpack. Do it as soon as possible if you are returning to a permanent residence. If you are returning to a temporary arrangements, then you would have to be conscious and focus on the bigger picture of your living situation. 

    By unpacking you are signaling to your universe, psyche and mind that travel stage is over for now and you are changing the rhythm and a goal of your experience.

  • Motivation for work. Arrange to go to work as soon as you recuperate from a jetlag. Or find a job to start resupplying your used up account if that's your situation. Before you go to work, dedicate some time and visualize your ideal day at work, — smooth and successful. 

    Motivate yourself to embrace returning to work by choosing to see your activities there as meaningful and important to yourself and others. Create motivation to go to work by deciding to do your best.
    • Establish a routine. The sooner you establish a daily routine, the sooner you will "gather yourself" in the current reality and prevent mental drift. Create a structure for your day by scheduling your activities giving enough space to be involved on all levels (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual). Beware of going on auto pilot on your routine, as it would be counteractive for you to be present to the whole of your life.
    • Process your trip. To shorten after travel adjustment, start working without delay on impressions of your trip. If you photographed extensively, process and organize your body of work into a concrete body of work. If you used a video camera, then you would like to create a beautiful, finished clip or professional dvd that you can offer to purchase for others. If you took a lot of notes on inner impressions and observed many details, perhaps this is the time to consider writing a book. Complete your trip via method of your expression.

    • Volunteer locally. Sometimes when we travel extensively and "park" our life in a new place, we may realize that most of our connections span the distance. Volunteering helps to find new live social connections and have benefits on both sides: having an opportunity to give on one side and feeling a meaningful effect of your time on the other.
    • Take on a new project. Perhaps you had a brilliant idea for a product or business while you travelled. Start making sketches and draw ideal outcomes. Take time and make a list of all inspirations that you can recall having. Include those that you started and never got to finish, but still feel energetically connected emotionally. Then pick a project from that list, however small that could be and move it across "finished" line. Learn new software program to enhance your skill set or enrich your creative expression

    • Share your travel experience. If you travel and like a particular location, or your travel is about a particular style or subject, then build a website about it. 

      It is not that difficult to build a vibrant site based on your passion and expertise. Many will benefit from your knowledge and your might enjoy to travel more as the agent for others. Just as this site is built on the same platform and principle.
    • Plan next travel adventure. As you successfully integrated after travel adjustment and feel more present in current reality, you might begin a door to a new travel adventure. Start research, create an estimate and plan your next adventure.
    • Create self-development program. Embrace the energy of discovery and your heart's desire and channel it into a bigger picture of your life: — create a self-development plan.