Access Love to Shift Your Reality.

To access love is a spiritual practice, it isn't something that you fall into. Sam Keen, a teacher, sums up this wisdom: "When we focus obsessively on romance, the single most irrational, volatile, and often illusory form of love, we fail to consider that love may be an art involving skills that need to be developed and practiced throughout a lifetime." Recognize that you can't love others until you truly love all of yourself.

"When you understand how to love one thing, then you also understand how to love everything."


When we feel love, we are conditioned to think that it is because of the object of our attraction we feel that. But if you diligently examine where the feelings take place and who is the first to benefit from the feelings, you will come to realize that it takes place not outside of you. There is no one can feel loving in your stead. Even though others may serve as catalysts for feeling of love, the source of it is within. To love is to wish somebody happiness.

Believing otherwise we might be afraid to love and worry that nobody will love us back. Inadvertently closing our ability to access love within and let our love to atrophy.

Our subconscious mind is not able to distinguish between the imaginary and real. Using this application is very therapeutic for transforming feelings of hurt, anger and withdrawal. To use this technique is to elicit feelings of loving for yourself and others. Longing for love is an innate desire for completion. When you feel hurt and in need of loving, you can open this channel within to begin healing with love.


  • Find a quiet place where you can remain undisturbed. Relax, close your eyes and sit quietly, slowly bringing your focus into your into your heart.
  • In your mind's eye. Bring up the picture of an object, animal or a person that inspires a natural feeling of loving and affection. It could be a picture of a tranquil sunset, an innocent baby, an affectionate pet or a person that evokes the feelings of love. Search your memory until you feel the loving response within you.
  • While holding the image, concentrate on arising feelings, letting them flood in. Notice the loving energy of the feeling and allow yourself to let them permeate your experience.
  • Imagine that in your heart, there is a glowing source of white light. As you hold your attention, imagine this light spreads throughout, filling your body spreading down to your body and up to the top of your head. Feel the qualities of warmth and loving acceptance of this light. Continue to experience the loving.
  • You can choose to nurture a different part of yourself by bringing up a memory of yourself being a little child. Express your sincere loving to your child-self: "I love you little --your name--. I am here for you. Let me hold you and keep you close. You are safe with me."
  • If you choose to access love even deeper and create a loving ripple effect, then begin to bring into your heart other individuals toward whom you feel tension or resentment. Imagine bathing them one by one in the flowing cloud of white light of your loving. Give yourself permission to give loving splendidly without discrimination. Just concentrate on soaking them in the light one by one.

You may also find a loving-kindness meditation to be very effective to access love in your consciousness. 

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