Travel as Therapy: Heading a Call to Freedom.

Travel as therapy is experienced by most travelers, but is rarely approached consciously as a way for self-discovery and transformation. Most of the times therapeutic effect of travel is treated as a by-product, as something that "happened" to them. 

I have met many travelers and my primary question to them always is : why do you travel? Why do you spend your money on something that you can't bring back home and sell on a stock market? What is it about going away that is so compelling? Do we travel to discover other people or ourselves?

The intention of this site is to provide an insight and share experience of travel and adventure from soul perspective. I draw insight from personal travel experiences and a formal education in Spiritual Psychology to share the vehicle of travel as therapy. 

It is my wish to present a view on soul therapy, the possibility of self-learning, discovery and spiritual transformation through travel. 

Travel as therapy is a holistic way of travel: to consciously learn about yourself by going away from habitual and predictable environment with intention. It is to use power of a metaphor of journey to induce personal transformation.

I remember a moment from Tolkien trilogy " Lord of The Rings" when Frodo and Sam are set to leave the Shire. Sam stops Frodo by announcing: “ This is it. If I take one more step, this will be the farthest away from home I ever be.”

That one step "away from home" sets in motion their whole journey of personal transformation and revelation of the life meaning and purpose. That one step of leaving the comfort zone behind is the promise of transformation, a transcendence of individual consciousness. 
It is this fear of leaving a comfort zone that makes it acceptable for most of us to live on auto pilot suppressing inner quest for life with meaning and purpose. 

To get where you want to be in life and have different results while retaining the same beliefs and habits, the same structure of consciousness is not possible. 

To change your life, your consciousness has to change. This is where perspective on travel as therapy can begin its application. 

You are a relational being, a single present moment consciousness, as an energy field expressed in a particular human experience. That is perhaps why "leaving home", a life of ordinary identity formed by familiar concepts has a potential to get to know yourself on a deeper level.

Communicate your experience and support your passion.

I am realizing that my creative expression, self-integration, renewal and joy of being is inspired by travel. Every trip is a session of therapy in travel — a precious gift. 

Once a fellow university student asked me where was my favorite place in the world. Without much thinking it slipped out of my tongue: "airplane". It was a moment to own up to; what was always there - my affinity for moving into space, preferably when it is unknown territory.

The main focus in travel for me is to increase awareness of life meaning and purpose and generate change in my consciousness, that is to grow.  

If you are like I am seeking to get bigger value out of travel, besides joy of entertainment, then your quest for adventure can bring tremendous returns.

Perhaps urge to travel is a manifestation of spiritual instinct to be free. It is a subconscious desire to transcend the mundane and the familiar that had defined who you are and your life's experience. Travel as therapy could serve as metaphor for life itself, mirroring its nature and processes. 

There is only one constant in life, and that is change. We could say that travel is a process of accelerated sequence of changing events along the journey. It is a symbol, a reminder pointing toward awareness of impermanence that our whole life is just a visit. 
It can teach us that at the final departure we can't take much with us besides memories and experiences that affected our consciousness. Fluidity of moving from one place to another points to travel as therapy in a way that it clarifies our perspective on priorities of what is ultimately important in our life. 

Just as on the journey we can't take the place you're visiting with you. So this awareness of parallels can free us to be happier and accepting of incessant flow of all life experiences. 

Taking travel as therapy perhaps teaches us to accept responsibility for one's life completely and without resistance and negativity of judgment. That is self-integration in brief. It is possible to be much happier if we become aware of where we resist what's happening in our life, become a compassionate witness to our inner process and choose an empowering way to relate to it.

To take travel as therapy to heal transform and live more authentically is why we take it to the road to unwind, to unload, to change the scene. All those are indirect names for the silent call of to have more genuine happiness, meaning and to feel free.

What is the energy of the impulse that propels us to travel? Greater experience of internal satisfaction and genuine gratitude is inevitable, once we respond to this impulse with compassionate self-inquiry. Therapeutic effect of greater freedom, optimism and certainty is a given outcome of an impulse, once it is examined.

  • Perhaps you felt it very acutely, like a push to leave behind everything you knew and travel into unknown.
  • Maybe you felt that there was something fantastic and supremely arousing just over the horizon of your familiar life.
  • Perhaps you felt a longing, a lure for something you knew was meaningful and essential for your being.
  • You wanted a change, even though you didn't know it rationally.
  • You felt that your life could have a greater meaning than it seemed at present.
  • You felt an immense desire to burst out of circumstantial fetters of your life.
  • You felt disenchanted and wished for a fresh perspective.